Bebon is a reliable 321H stainless steel plate stockist and exporter in China. We can offer 321H stainless steel plates/sheets with Mill Test and ISO certification. There are 86 tons 321H 2B finish stainless steel plates in stock. Welcome to inquiry.

321H stainless steel is a modification of Alloy 321 with a higher carbon content, thus improving high temperature strength. 321H is a widely used stainless steel, where parts are heated within carbide-precipitation temperature range (800°F-1500°F) and exposed to corrosive atmosphere. With a temperature range of up to 900°C, 321H is also resistant to scaling and phase liability with resistance to aqueous corrosion.
321H stainless steel will be hardening by cold working. 321H stainless steel plate  has good welding characteristics; and post-weld annealing is not normally required to restore its excellent performance in a wide range of corrosive conditions. 
321H stainless steel plates can be found in furnace parts, bellows, heat exchangers, heating elements, expansion joints and aircraft exhaust manifolds.
If you are interested in 321H 2B finish stainless steel plate price, please contact us. We will offer 321H 2B finish stainless steel plates with chemical composition and yield strength testing.

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