Alloy 305 is an austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel that can be cold worked and deep drawn more readably than Alloy 302 and Alloy 304 due to an increased nickel content that decreases the work hardening rate of the material. It is similar to Alloy 304 with respect to corrosion resistance. Alloy 305 stainless steel offers good protection from a wide variety of solutions used in the chemical, textile, petroleum, dairy and food industries.

Alloy 305 Stainless Steel Sheet Price
Alloy 305 stainless Steel is more readily formed, deep drawn and spun than Alloys 302 and 304 due to its lower work hardening rate. Alloy 305 is not hardenable by heat treatment. Anneal at 1850 - 2050°F (1010 - 1121°C), then water quench or rapid air cool.
As for welding, alloy 305 is generally considered to have comparable weldability to Alloys 304 and 304L, but autogenous arc welding sometimes causes hot cracking. Annealing after welding will be needed to offset any chromium carbide precipitation which might occur. When a filler is needed, AWS E/ER 308 is most often specified.
305 stainless steel is nonmagnetic and cannot be hardened by thermal treatment. This alloy can deep drawn or spun components, eyelets, electronic enclosure applications.
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